The Tikun Aklali
The General Remedy


" I am a river that purifies from all stains … "

" If you believe that you can destroy, believe that you can repair… "
"…How many great Tzadikim delved into the subject and searched for a perfect remedy... But G-d helped me and gave me the merit of perfect success ... This is an entirely new, wonderful thing ; it's a powerful, stupendous remedy."
" …For to each sin corresponds a particular repair, but this remedy is the global repair…"
"From the day of Creation nothing like this has ever been revealed… "

( Rebbe Nachman of Breslov )

The remedy's simplicity is baffling ; however, its efficacy is even more surprising. " Refu'a Kadma Le Maka": The remedy preceded the illness. G-d had mercy on us.
He knew that at the end of this exile we would descend to an even lower level than the one we reached in Egypt. How many Jews have maintained their Hebrew names, their clothes, their Holy tongue, and their sexual purity? (These were the four distinguishing virtues of the Jews in Egypt.)
So He has sent us a great Tzaddik, a pillar of the world, able to reveal remedies suited to our generation.
Nocturnal pollutions, G-d forbid, brought on by impure thoughts, create " klippot" (forces of spiritual defilement), as is written in the Zohar.


" …I am very firm about everything I say, but in this I am extremely firm: that these Ten Chapters of Psalms help very, very much…"

To immerse oneself in a mikveh and recite the Ten Psalms is, of course, most beneficial. But for whoever cannot do this, either because he's traveling or sick, simply reciting them is enough to effect a great and marvelous remedy.

Of course, it's preferable to recite the Psalms with concentration and fervor, but their simple recitation is in itself highly effective.

Rabbeinu promised us that, after he would die, whoever would come to his grave, and give a coin to charity in his name, and recite the Ten Chapters of Psalms (Tikun Haklali) as a remedy for forbidden seminal emissions, G-d spare us, then Rabbeinu would span the length and breadth of the universe and certainly would save that person. He said that he would pull him out of Hell by his sidecurls, no matter who he was, no matter what he had done, so long as from now on he accept upon himself not to return to his folly.

" Even though it is easy to recite the Ten Psalms, in practice it will be very difficult to fulfill this, in spite of everything…"

Rabbeinu asked us to publicize and disseminate to everyone the teaching of these Ten Psalms

The Ten Psalms should aIways be recited in the followiog order

16 -32 - 41 -42 - 59 - 77 -90 - 105 - 137 - 150.

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The Tikun Aklali-The General Remedy